Essence of India Accommodations

At Kendi World Adventures we have carefully selected our accommodations. In an effort to support the local economy of India and give our guests an authentic taste of the culture, we have chosen family owned and operated establishments. We are proud to say that Kendi tours help to provide a living wage and education for local, Indian families. All of our hotels are clean and secure. Our accommodations offer private rooms, with AC

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Le Roi*
New Delhi

Hotel Le Roi s located just a five minute walk to New Delhi's popular Main Bazaar and a short auto rickshaw ride to the modern shopping mecca of Canaught Place. The rooms are clean, comfortable and air conditioned. Breakfast are a delicious combination of traditional Indian foods and more familiar western cuisine.

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Hotel Shivoy Grand*


Hotel Shivoy Grand is located on Varanasi's main street just steps from the famous holy ghats. A traditionally dressed doorman will greet you as you enter. A five-star restaurant graces the roof of the elegant hotel and offers a view of the city. 

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Hotel Sterling Resort*


The Hotel Sterling Resort is a full service hotel. The rooms are updated and sparkling clean. Every room has air conditioning. There is also a pool onsite. The Salt Café located next door to the hotel has amazing views of the Taj Mahal, great food and serves alcohol. The Salt also has a rooftop lounge that often has live music. 

* Hotels are subject to availability. These or comparable hotels will be provided.