Canoe Tour

An early morning canoe ride through the natural canals and estuaries that surround Tortuguero will find you welcoming the waking of the rain forest. Your guide will paddle you silently through the vast jungle where you will see Howler, spider, and capuchin monkeys. Many species of birds will greet you with song, and if you're lucky you may even see a fresh-water otter or a looming caiman, You will wonder at the dense symbiotic plants that cling to the trees as each one creates its own ecosystem.

Rain Forest Guided Hike

Tortuguero National Park is Costa Rica's most popular park for ecotourism. You will explore this natural beauty with a private, professional guide. Your guide, Rafael, has been living and working in Tortuguero since 1984, his expertise and enthusiasm for the natural wonders of the park will enchant you, as he points out flora and fauna with his spotting scope.


One of the most amazing natural spectacles that happens in Tortuguero is the arrival of the Sea Turtles. The beaches of Tortuguero are a protected haven for these majestic creatures. The Green Sea Turtle, Giant Leatherback, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead all lay their eggs here (February - July), and later (April - September)   hundreds of thousands of small sea turtles leave their nests to go into the ocean and continue the cycle.

Nesting Site of the Sea Turtles


Learn about the history, culture and science of chocolate. From the ancient Mayan kings to conquistadors and modern cacao production, you will experience a hands-on, interactive introduction explanation. Your guide will take you through the harvesting, roasting, husking, grinding, and finally tasting of this luxurious treat. 

Drink cacao in the different ways it has been enjoyed from the ancient Mayans, to the sweet drink we know today. 

Cacao Tour


Caribbean Snorkeling Tour

Cahuita National Park has one of the most developed and important coral reefs of Costa Rica. In its crystalline waters you can find a over 123 varieties of exotic species like barracudas, stingrays, blue parrotfish, and so much more

This tour will provide you the best adventure and nature lover experience. 


All necessary equipment is included



Horseback Riding Tour

You will be guided by horseback through the jungle and along the beach, where you will have the opportunity to see tropical birds and wildlife.

Along the black-sand beach of Playa Negra, you’ll gaze out over the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean sea, surrounded by miles of protected reefs. The black beach sand is volcanic, a constant reminder of the geological history of this pristine area. You will cross over the mouth of Tuba Creek as it flows out to meet the ocean.

From the beach you’ll amble into a tropical rainforest filled with native wildlife such as Toucans, Sloths, Iguanas, and more. During your ride you will be following along the fringe of a protected national park, having the opportunity to see nature in its undisturbed, natural setting.


BriBri Indingenous Village Tour

The Bribri Indigenous Tour offers a cultural, anthropological and natural immersion in the Watsi Bribri Community in the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains.

You will visit a medicinal plants garden to learn about the indigenous natural treatments and healing powers of the plants, trees, roots, leafs, barks, etc. You will be hosted by the medicine man or medicine lady.

You will meet a traditional Bribri family to learn about their way of life, their heritage and resources for farming, cooking, healing, building and hunting, using organic materials found in the surrounding forest.

A typical Bribri lunch served in a banana leaf and shared with the family will complete this indigenous experience.


Jaguar Rescue Sanctuary

Don't let the name fool you, this rescue center is home to many wildlife animal rescues of Costa Rica.

What makes the Jaguar Rescue Sanctuary unique is its commitment to rehabilitate and return the animals to the wild. To this end, the sanctuary is not run like a zoo. You will be guided through the sanctuary by a dedicated, knowledgeable volunteer who is committed to respecting the wild nature of each injured animal. Between 2008 and 2015, the JRS successfully reintroduced 1,200 animals back into the wild.