I recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with Kevin and Andi, and to say I had an amazing trip would be an understatement. I'd never been to CR and didn't know what to expect. Their knowledge of the country, locations, food, etc. made the trip effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. I had monkeys on my head, saw sloths, baby bats, swam in the ocean, walked in the rain, ate great food (and tons of lychees)--every day was an adventure and I loved every minute of it. 
Traveling with Kevin and Andi is like traveling with family. I wouldn't go to CR with anyone else. Thanks you guys! I look forward to returning in 2016!


Traveling with Kevin and Andi is always a great time! They are the perfect combination of organized and relaxed. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to have an amazing, overseas experience!



Thank you to Kendi World Adventures for the wonderful trip to Costa Rica!  It was great to have everything taken care of and have nothing to worry about the whole time!  Andi and Kevin were terrific and made sure that we were satisfied and happy!  And the group we toured with could not have been better.  We will DEFINITELY travel with Kendi World Adventures again.


Susan J. (and Paul)

Now that I've been back and had sometime to reflect on our trip I wanted to write and thank Kendi World Adventures for giving my wife and I the best tour we've ever experienced. My wife and I have started to travel more now that our kids are grown and time and finances have become more available. We wanted to go to Costa Rica but didn't want to step off the plane having no clue of where to go or what to see. Unfortunately, we've taken trips based upon brochure's and what they had to offer only to find out they often over sell and under deliver. Our experience with Kendi was 5 stars! Kevin and Andi have done their homework and give their customers the best! The 4 hotels that we stayed in were all clean, comfortable, and served great breakfast! We traveled in a 2014 Van with AC, WIFI, and a driver (Sammy) who joked with us and was able to answer any question we had. He also would pull over unexpectedly to point out birds, iguanas, and crocodiles for us to see. One night as we were coming back to our hotel he spotted a 3 toed sloth and was able to wake the sloth; we watched him for 20 minutes as he moved down the power line and no one else around us had any clue he was there. Along the 10 day adventure we went horseback riding, zip lining, crossed lakes and walked suspension bridges in the clouds. Sammy took us to the downtown farmer's market and dinner at "Louie's" where we ate authentic Costa Rican food and saw an impromptu show when restaurant servers danced at our prompting. If you want to travel and want to know where to go and where not to waste your time, Kendi Adventures is the team to go with! "Purda Vida" (pure life) just one of the things I learned.

Travel well.
Steve and Carla

Ten days in Costa Rica with Kendi World Adventures is like opening up a beautiful gift every single day.  As travel partners (and what fun travel partners they are!), we were shown the special places Kevin and Andi love about this gorgeous and welcoming country; cool cloud forests, mangrove forests, walks high above the jungle canopy, and sunny beaches "where the jungle meets the sea" while meeting up with iguanas, sloths, monkeys, and all manner of amazing critters.   As well as being entertained, we were educated in flora, fauna, wildlife, and environmental care.  Kendi has made this a fun and very  affordable but rich journey of discovery and wonder! Just GO!  :)


Even though the schedule is full, Andi and Kevin never seemed rushed-- the atmosphere was always relaxed and welcoming.  We rode an open-air boat across lake Arenal on our way to Monteverde Cloud Forest Hostel at Ste. Elena.  After we settled into our room, we took some photos of the breathtaking views of the mountains, while Andi and Kevin cooked an excellent lunch of stir fry, fruit, bread and butter, served with excellent wine and a beautiful view of the mountains for us all to share. The conversations lasted well into the evening

Love, Barb (and John)

All excursions were outstanding.  Having a hummingbird comfortably sit on my hand while sipping nectar had to be a highlight.  And, the perezoso (sloth) being so very close and active!  Wow!


The best thing about the KWA piece of our trip was the fellowship, the friendship.  I can see a Kendi World Adventures trip being wonderful for a group of friends or a family wishing to spend quality time together.  It was awesome!  Kevin and Andi are both so very personable, making every group member feel special and integrated into the group.  (People-people like K & A come by this naturally, as generous, kind-hearted, enthusiastic souls.)

Chris and Paula

Kevin and Andi did an amazing job organizing and hosting our trip to Costa Rica.  Flying through the sky while overlooking the rainforest on the zipline excursion was such a blast!  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.


I had such a great time on our trip I can't wait for Kendi to expand to Thailand!

Bree J.

Nobody I'd rather travel with!

I've never done a pre-planned trip, and it was really fun!!!

Lori B.

It was great to have the entire trip planned!

I'm looking forward to my next adventure with both of you.

Thank you for making this whole trip amazing!

Robbin C.

I thought you guys were great! I'm glad I got to have this experience with you.

You are both friendly and always made sure that everyone felt included, okay, and was having a good time.

Thank you for everything.

Teresa M.

Kevin and Andi are amazing--I am looking forward to traveling with them again.

The trip was wonderful--memories for a lifetime.

From my perspective the trip was absolutely flawless.

Thank you so much,


What an amazing experience. All the adventure I wanted to experience without the stress of planning.

The tours and accommodations were wonderful.

Becky H.

Fantastic guides and an extraordinary trip!

I had a wonderful time when I went!

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jessie M.

This is a life-changing trip. I did the Caribbean tour. It was amazing. So much culture to experience. Andi and Kevin are so wonderful. Getting to know them was such a treat. They were so knowledgeable about Costa Rica and helpful. I would give 10 stars if that was an option. Met as strangers, left as friends. 💛💚💙

Peggy C.