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Step into the magic of Costa Rica. Get lost in the lush jungles. Take a walk along white-sand beaches, Drink from a fresh coconut. Watch a sloth Leisurely make its way across the treetops. Feed a kaleidoscope of butterflies from your hand.

Costa Rica is the land of Pura Vida, slow down and enjoy each moment.

Experience 'Pura Vida' the Pure Life of Costa Rica

Our Knowledgeable guides make your Costa Rica adventure an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Costa Rica is calling.

Exotic India Experience

The magic and mystery of India awaits! Awaken your senses to exotic scents, vivid colors, incredible food, and the warm culture that will envelope you. Experience the beauty of incredible India.

Surrounded by scenic beauty and awe-inspiring tourist attractions we take you effortlessly across incredible India. Our in-country guides make it easy and convenient.

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Why choose Kendi World Adventures?

At Kendi World Adventures we take a different approach to travel. Our philosophy is to embrace other cultures. The Kendi method of travel is rich with opportunities to enhance your experience, taking you from tourist to traveler. 

We offer clean and comfortable rooms in lodgings that encourage group activities, turning strangers into travel partners. We support locally owned businesses and respect the ecology of the countries we visit.

Kendi is the name of an ancient earthenware pot, designed in such a way that the contents could be poured into the mouth without touching the lips of the drinker. The Kendi pot was traditionally filled with water, tea, or medicinal tonics. The pot was passed from person to person and shared among the entire community.

We embrace the tradition of the Kendi pot with our travel companions. We are a community of travel partners. Join us at Kendi World Adventures and refresh, relax and revive

Travel affordably and stress free.

Our goal is to encourage and partner with you to get you out into our big, beautiful world. If you haven’t traveled much, or it’s been a while, and think travel may be out of reach or beyond your budget, we can show you how easy and affordable it can be. 


The Kendi method of travel is both dependable and adventurous. Our prices are designed to give you the maximum experience while staying within your budget. 

Professional tour directors will accompany you on your journey to answer any questions and ensure a seamless vacation.


At Kendi World Adventures you can be guaranteed that the advertised price is the what you will pay for your adventure. There will never be any hidden fees or surprises. 


What Our Guests Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

Kevin and Andi are amazing--I am looking forward to traveling with them again. The trip was wonderful--memories for a lifetime. From my perspective the trip was absolutely flawless. Thank you so much!
All excursions were outstanding. Having a hummingbird comfortably sit on my hand while sipping nectar had to be a highlight. And, the perezoso (sloth) being so very close and active! Wow! The best thing about the KWA piece of our trip was the fellowship, the friendship. I can see a Kendi World Adventures trip being wonderful for a group of friends or a family wishing to spend quality time together. It was awesome! Kevin and Andi are both so very personable, making every group member feel special and integrated into the group. (People-people like K & A come by this naturally, as generous, kind-hearted, enthusiastic souls.)
Chris & Paula
I recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica with Kevin and Andi, and to say I had an amazing trip would be an understatement. I'd never been to CR and didn't know what to expect. Their knowledge of the country, locations, food, etc. made the trip effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. I had monkeys on my head, saw sloths, baby bats, swam in the ocean, walked in the rain, ate great food (and tons of lychees)--every day was an adventure and I loved every minute of it. Traveling with Kevin and Andi is like traveling with family. I wouldn't go to CR with anyone else.
Kevin and Andi did an amazing job organizing and hosting our trip to Costa Rica. Flying through the sky while overlooking the rainforest on the zipline excursion was such a blast! It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. I had such a great time on our trip I can't wait for Kendi to expand to Thailand!

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